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Building Vibration Monitoring System

Transmission Dynamics has developed a sophisticated Building Vibration Monitoring System, which can be used to interlock heavy industrial machinery to avoid excessive building vibrations. Our BVMS can also be interfaced with the strategically distributed strain gauges, which will give an early indication about the yield of critical structural load carrying members, allowing early assessment of an immediate danger in cases of overload due to high wind or snow load.

The Transmission Dynamics BVMS is a safety interlocking device which can accept input from accelerometers, strain gauges or load-cells. The purpose of the system is to monitor signal amplitudes at critical locations on the building structure caused by various sources (whether operation of heavy-duty test systems, blasting, piling, or demolition). If a designated (adjustable) vibration/stress threshold is exceeded, an alarm is triggered, and the internal dry contact relays will open, enabling the prompt shutdown of the machinery causing the building vibrations. In cases of overloaded roofs due to heavy snow fall, the system may generate an alarm to prompt building evacuation.

By comparing the results from both the analogue and digital sections, the reliability of the system is significantly improved due to increased redundancy. The digital electronics also allow the last 25 seconds of time-domain traces to be buffered and stored onto an SD card (12.5 seconds pre-trigger and 12.5 seconds post-rigger), allowing for critical information related to the cause of the alarm to be extracted and signals interrogated.

Duplication of analogue circuitry with digital sampling and evaluation sub-system, and an addition of internal data logging and alarm interrogation make this system very powerful and yet simple to use. The system can be equipped with full remote, global monitoring capabilities allowing immediate notification of the key stakeholders by SMS and/or e-mail.