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We design the future.

We create our own data by designing bespoke sensors and instrumenting challenging industrial applications. With our own range of telemetry systems we recover in-service data from the most demanding industrial applications and environments. With our own Global Data Network and intelligent data automation we monitor assets globally(*) from the convenience of any mobile office.

We employ intelligent pattern recognition and advanced AI routines immediately after our down-to-earth engineering know-how and diagnostics routines are fully deployed and implemented.

And then we wait to admire the results:

We wait to admire the future

* renewable energy, mining, marine, defence, automotive and rail sectors
* industrial drive systems from small domestic appliance gearboxes, railway transmissions, automotive timing systems to large industrial gearboxes used in various industries

Jarek Rosinski

Jarek Rosinski


Our team of 30+ skilled individuals consists of:

Mechanical engineers

Electronics engineers

Embedded system developers

Instrumentation engineers

Artificial Intelligence coders

Field engineers

R&D experts

Advanced manufacturing