Product Info

Digital Telemetry System

Our range of advanced wireless telemetry systems are designed to reliably capture in-service load measurements from rotating or inaccessible industrial machinery, streamed to hard drive or available as live outputs. Fast sample rates (40 kHz), high resolution (24-bit equivalent), long wireless range (up to 30 m) and extremely low noise, all in tiny package sizes (from 27.5 x 11.5 x 4.6 mm) with ultra-low power consumption and intelligent sleep mode.

Some key features include:

  • Extremely robust system, designed to reliably recover signals from the most demanding environments.
  • One, two or four channel input (plus dedicated tachometer channel) as standard.
  • Wireless communication to PC or receiver - no cable connections or line-of-sight is required.
  • Live-streamed analogue outputs from receiver unit.
  • Optional digital logging to a PC hard drive.
  • 40 kHz aggregate data sampling, 24-bit effective channel resolution with exceptional low noise and signal integrity.
  • Intelligent power management - transmitter automatically enters low-power sleep mode when receiver is powered off.
  • Can be interfaced directly to strain gauges (full-, half- or quarter-bridge) or other transducers - contains all on-board signal conditioning.
  • Multiple systems can operate simultaneously (up to 20 different frequency bands).
  • Extremely low power consumption - 100 hours' continuous streaming, or 2 years in sleep mode, from a single (high-capacity) AA-sized cell (1 channel system with 350 Ω strain gauge installed).