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Gear Microgeometry Optimisation

Transmission Dynamics specialise in micro-geometry optimisation of gears, focusing on minimising Transmission Error (TE) to reduce gear noise and vibration. Transmission Error is a function of gear geometry design (both macro and micro-geometry) and its influenced by mesh stiffness, manufacturing errors, gear load and mesh alignment.

Through detailed analysis of gear micro-geometry under various load conditions and varying mesh alignment, micro-geometry (lead and profile modifications) can be optimised to minimise noise characteristics. Typical analysis includes investigation of the effects of:

Transmission Dynamics also offers full gear design services, including turnkey solution for any type of industrial gearboxes.

This image above shows an example of the motor scissor gears, where flanks of main gear and bias gear were optimised to achieve significant noise reduction of 12 decibel. See graph below for results: