SmartBugs™ are miniature wireless data telemetry systems with unmatched capability for their size. Approximately 27mm diameter by 18mm high (varies with type), SmartButtons can measure strain, vibration, gyroscopic roll, and temperature, or any combination.

Digital Telemetry System

Our range of advanced wireless telemetry systems are designed to reliably capture in-service load measurements from rotating or inaccessible industrial machinery, streamed to hard drive or available as live outputs.

Radio Microlog

Microlog is a low-power, 16-bit, dual-channel wireless miniature data logger, designed for long-term unattended acquisition of field data. Microlog also functions as a very powerful telemetry system with reliable signal transfer from rotating machinery, exceptionally low noise and unbeatable reliability of performance.

Gear Alignment System

The verification of acceptable gear alignment is vitally important in critical industrial applications. Excessive misalignment, which may be due to design, manufacturing tolerances or deflection of the gear casing and supporting structure, will affect the load intensity distribution across the gear face width which will reduce the fatigue life in operation.

Temperature Telemetry Transmitter

Transmission Dynamics have developed a novel, wireless Temperature Telemetry Transmitter which measures 42x27x11 mm. The transmitter is a fully autonomous wireless system, which contains a Bluetooth transmitter, battery, and microprocessor. To use the system, simply solder the temperature probe (PRT or thermocouple) and turn on the receiver unit.

Smart Oil Plug®

Smart Oil Plug® (SOP®) is a wireless, electronic alternative to the oil drain plug, equipped with a miniature battery (usually providing about 3 years of typical operation), a radio transmitter and several sensors for detection of contamination (metal filings), temperature, and vibration in 3-axis. Measurements of these parameters provide comprehensive information and early warning of many potential issues, making our solution the ideal tool for full remote condition monitoring of final drives, transmissions, cardan shafts, wheel flats, and rail track quality.

Bolt Cap Module

The Bolt Cap Module (BCM) is a wireless system capable of automatically monitoring bolt preload during extended periods of operation. If the preload drops below a pre-determined level, a report will be automatically sent via email or GSM network to key stakeholders. This ensures maintenance is only conducted on bolts requiring attention, and allows immediate action to be taken on bolts installed in mission critical applications.

Inductively Powered High Speed Telemetry

We specialise in bespoke development of permanently fitted torque telemetry transducers. In this example we developed a high speed (34,000 rpm) torque measuring coupling. The system is inductively powered and provides high speed (40 kHz aggregate sampling rate), high resolution (24-bit equivalent), low noise and temperature compensated output signal.

PANDAS – Wireless Accelerometers

PANDAS - the state-of-the-art pantograph condition monitoring system has now been upgraded with fully wireless accelerometers, completely eliminating any cables running along the pantograph frame resulting in a world leading condition monitoring system. These sensors contain a 3-axial; high bandwidth accelerometer, 3-axial gyroscope, temperature sensor, complete wireless connectivity, advanced ultra-miniature battery technology of the future, and advanced number-crunching. All installed in the vicinity of 25kV OHL. Delivering critical data on pantograph - OHL interactions.

Wind Turbine Torque Monitoring System

Transmission Dynamics has developed an all-in-one, retrofittable, quick-deployment data logger based on our standard Radio Microlog, allowing unattended torque data collection from the main input shaft on wind turbines. Installation can be as simple as clamping the instrument, and adhering one or two pre-wired gauges to the input shaft with rapid setting epoxy.

Pantograph Collision Assessment System

Electrically powered rail locomotives require good contact between the pantograph and overhead power line to maintain reliable service. Modern high speed rail vehicles can suffer from damage to the contact strip when the dynamic interaction results in excessive impacts. Transmission Dynamics, in conjunction with Serco Rail, has developed a PANDAS (pantograph damage assessment) system to monitor and automatically report potentially damaging events.

Building Vibration Monitoring System

Transmission Dynamics has developed a sophisticated Building Vibration Monitoring System, which can be used to interlock heavy industrial machinery to avoid excessive building vibrations. Our BVMS can also be interfaced with the strategically distributed strain gauges, which will give an early indication about the yield of critical structural load carrying members, allowing early assessment of an immediate danger in cases of overload due to high wind or snow load.

Strain Gauge Amplifier

We have been investigating failures and troubleshooting engineering systems across a wide range of industries around the world for almost 2 decades. We specialise in making in-service measurements, often using bespoke miniature instrumentation and wireless communication to extract signals from difficult environments, to understand complex operating conditions. The ultra-miniature strain gauge amplifier AMP-UM10KB has been developed based on modern chip technology to meet the growing need for strain measurements in demanding industrial environments, where miniature size and easy set-up are essential.

Remote Monitoring System

Our Remote Transceiver wirelessly collects data from any of our data acquisition products using Bluetooth technology. Operation critical data is transferred from the Remote Transceiver via a mobile network or Ethernet connection to our online Global Data Network Server, allowing almost instantaneous notification to authorised recipients. This device is the most advanced in its range – allowing fully unmanned operation in inaccessible locations.

Torque measuring Sprocket

The torque measuring sprocket was developed to satisfy the growing need for in-service load measurements in chain transmission systems for modern power transmission industry today. This exciting development is a natural evolution of our chain load measurement capabilities, which Transmission Dynamics initiated more than a decade ago, with our miniature data logger licensed to Renold Chain (Smartlink™) back in 2002.

Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring

Transmission Dynamics have developed a state-of-the-art crack propagation detection system. The system comprises of a number of standalone miniature wireless transmitters connected to bespoke ladder crack propagation gauges. The transmitters are powered by an internal battery and communicate with one central receiver. The system allows near-instantaneous reporting of crack growth, and thus provide truly unmanned crack propagation monitoring and automated reporting system.

Smart Step

Transmission Dynamics has now developed a data logger and battery pack retrofitted to a standard escalator step to allow in-service monitoring of operating parameters, including stress levels and potential overloads. The device has sufficient battery power to provide at least one year of operation between battery changes.

32 Channel Data Acquisition System

This 24-bit, ultra high-resolution, 32 channel data acquisition system enables measuring of voltage, current, or temperature either in real-time with data logging capability. The system can be interfaced with a laptop for data viewing and post-processing, or connected to our Global Data Network (GDN) for remote condition monitoring for most industrial applications.

Rotary Amplifier

The Transmission Dynamics’ AMP-R10KE-5 is a 5 channel rotary amplifier. This product has been designed specifically to amplify signals on rotating machinery and output the signals through a high speed, miniature slip-ring. Slip ring generated noise depends on slip ring design, sliding contact material/finish and sliding speed.

Wheel Hardness Monitoring System

This product is an automated system for detecting wheel hardness on escalator steps and is intended to reduce inspection time and automatically trend and identify wheels with degrading tires. The Wheel Hardness Monitoring System significantly reduces through life costs associated with manual inspection

Gas Turbine Monitoring System

The JRD-3804 Gas Turbine Shaft Torque Monitoring System is designed for permanent or long-term installation on gearboxes and gas turbines. The system can work as a fully self-contained data logger, with the data transferred to a local PC, remote office, or client's control system.