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Radio Microlog

Radio Microlog is the smallest and most advanced data logger in its class, designed for long-term, unattended acquisition of field data. Wireless (Bluetooth) communication allows convenient programming and data download from areas where wired connections would be difficult. Its miniature size and on-board strain gauge conditoning (other transducers possible) enables easy installation directly on rotating machinery.

The standard device measures 50x34x15 mm, and weighs under 50 grams. We are able to provide versions for specific installations (in shafts or couplings, etc.), which can be developed to fit into the available space envelope. Microlog has a configurable sampling rate of up to 4,000 Hz at true 16-bit per channel, and can log and evaluate real time stress or load simultaneously on two channels. Microlog also functions as a very powerful telemetry system with reliable signal transfer from rotating machinery, exceptionally low noise and unbeatable reliability of performance. High immunity and exceptional rejection of interference makes Microlog an ideal tool in the most critical data acquisition tasks and feedback control applications.

Microlog is equipped with 256 kB of on-board flash data memory, to guarantee secure data retention in case of an external power supply failure, and 4 Mb of RAM for storing time-domain data. It communicates with the client's external PC over a local Bluetooth transceiver (or GSM/GPRS mobile internet connection (optional)) using the supplied client software, for real-time data streaming, re-programming, or downloading of stored data.

Microlog is typically powered from a 3.6 to 16 V supply or battery. Higher or lower supply voltages can be accommodated with a suitable voltage converter or voltage regulator, which can be supplied on request. The small size of the logger allows it to be positioned in restricted locations, for unattended data collection on rotating or reciprocating machinery. Unattended long-term stress analysis can be carried out without tying up expensive man-hours or scarce equipment.

The robustness of Radio Microlog can be demonstrated by watching this video. In this application Radio Microlog is fitted in the front idler wheel of the Challenger tank to measure dynamic loads imposed on the idler wheel during test run on the proving ground.

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  • Two channel inputs
  • Wireless communication with PC - no cable connections or line-of-sight is required
  • Optional live data stream mode with logging to a PC hard drive
  • 4 KHz data sampling with unattended real-time evaluation
  • Supports rainflow counting, time at level, level crossing, and short time burst acquisition
  • Waveform data is captured for the 100 largest stress cycles
  • Can be interfaced directly to strain gauges
  • Simple offset and gain adjustments can be made via software
  • Optional SDK enables the development of custom software utilising Microlog's features


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The latest Microlog 3 Software is Version: 3.3.20

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