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Rotary Amplifier

The Transmission Dynamics’ AMP-R10KE-5 is a 5 channel rotary amplifier. This product has been designed specifically to amplify signals on rotating machinery and output the signals through a high speed, miniature slip-ring capsule. Slip ring generated noise depends on slip ring design, sliding contact material/finish, sliding speed and wear. With quality instrumentation slip ring capsules contact noise due to sliding can vary between 20 μV and 100 μV and it can substantially increase with slip ring operational life. With small signal levels associated with strain gauge instrumentation, slip ring generated noise can substantially degrade measurement quality. By amplifying the signal on the rotating component, the influence of electrical noise due to brush sliding contact is virtually eliminated.

This amplifier can typically operate at rotational speeds of up to 15,000 RPM. In most practical applications, this is limited by slip ring operational speed. Applications of the AMP-R10KE in research and development include:

  • Measurements of shaft torsion and bending stress
  • Gear/blade stress measurements
  • Troubleshooting rotating machinery
  • Condition monitoring

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