Product Info

Torque measuring Sprocket

The torque measuring sprocket was developed to satisfy the growing need for in-service load measurements in chain transmission systems for modern power transmission industry today. This exciting development is a natural evolution of our chain load measurement capabilities, which Transmission Dynamics initiated more than a decade ago, with our miniature data logger licensed to Renold Chain (Smartlink™) back in 2002.

Whilst our comprehensive range of ultra-miniature chain-link-mounted data loggers can find their many uses in chain load evaluation, occasionally they impose severe limitations in more compact drive systems, as they can't measure dynamic loads due to the fact that the instrumented chain link spends the majority of its travel wrapped around the sprockets, or in the slack span, resulting in significant discontinuities and blind spots in load measurements.

Our innovative wireless torque measuring sprocket allows long-term operation on a relatively modest battery supply. Its unique load sensing method offers extremely compact design, low cost, and in most cases can be easily deployed as a direct drop-in replacement of the existing sprocket, thus allowing easy retrofitting. When space is limited or where permanent chain load measurements are required, Transmission Dynamics can offer an even more compact design based on an inductive power supply, where power and signal are transferred by a single coaxial cable.

Our Smart-Sprocket™ allows direct interfacing with interlocking systems of chain drives, and it allows continuous evaluation of the remaining life in chain drive system by using our well established on-board continuous cumulative fatigue life evaluation algorithms. When connected to our Global Data Network™, Smart-Sprocket™ can be used as a powerful tool for condition based remote monitoring of the industrial chain drive systems.

Smart-Sprocket™ complements a comprehensive range of our specialised instrumentation developed for diagnostics of chain drives systems (Chain Mounted Data Logger and Smart-Step™ used in escalator drive systems).