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Transducer Development

Our engineers have significant experience in developing bespoke load cell and load measuring transducers.

The range includes micro miniature load cells used inside automotive chain tensioners to large industrial 6-axis rotating dynamometers.

The large industrial 6-axis transducer is used in the quality testing of production gearboxes of 4.5MW power rating. It measures torque to over 100,000Nm as well as the following parameters, during rotation at speeds up to over 600 rev/min:

  • X and Y shear force
  • X and Y bending moments
  • Axial forces
  • Torsional acceleration
  • Temperature
  • Rotational speed
  • Angular position
  • The pressure of an internal cavity
  • Battery voltage

Data is transferred wirelessly from the transducer-mounted telemetry module to the nearby receiver at 1,800Hz per channel.

A bespoke manufactured compression 500kN loadcell installed in the Zinc Mine for long-term unattended load measurements.